• the studio

    We are a smart & friendly group of passionate creatives who stay up late to help entertainment & marketing professionals tell their stories in memorable ways. NYC production studio since 1996 providing animation, design, visual effects & new development for the film, television & advertising industries.

  • lucien harriot

    Executive producer and visual effects supervisor with 25 years of experience creating animation, VFX and graphics. His passion for puzzle solving and effective digital production drives each project.

  • kathereena singh

    Director of operations with 10+ years of experience, Kat is Mechanism Digital's operations expert and penny wrangler. She keeps us fed, watered, and paper free.

  • lead artist - fangge chen

    Digital artist focused on CGI animation and compositing VFX. Her attention to detail inspires both team and clients alike while her home baked surprises keep us fueled on yummy!